Meeting Management

The advent of the information age has led to the continuous improvement of information infrastructure in various industries. The process and environment management of the conference centre is also moving from traditional to modern technology. In the past, manual check-in had drawbacks such as difficulty in statistics and inability to identify counterfeit personnel, etc. Through an intelligent conference check-in system, based on face recognition technology, aided by IC cards, ID cards and QR codes, the drawbacks of traditional check-in methods are effectively solved, forming a perfect intelligent conference check-in overall solution. At the same time, face recognition technology is used to complete face information collection and registration, quickly screening each person entering the conference centre and accurately completing check-in. The terminal system also facilitates statistical analysis of the number of people who have signed in, the number of people who are present, and the sign-in records, and enables real-time viewing of reports, avoiding the need for a lot of manpower to do duplicate work when signing in for meetings.


Actual Cases: Dongfang Wisdom Electric CO.,LTD

In the digital era, traditional cards have gradually failed to adapt to the intelligent era of corporate employee attendance scenarios, while traditional terminal devices have the painful problems of low efficiency and inability to effectively cover corporate office scenarios. The face, as a natural ID information, is gradually replacing the card to achieve a safe and efficient personnel access experience.


Smart Meeting Series Products

Product Advantages

Identification methods --- Face, fingerprint, Mifare/Prox, QR code and other flexible combination

Large screen vide play --- 10.1inchce/21.5 inches TFT LCD display can show broadcast pictures, notice, video etc. with interactive experience

Convenient secondary development --- SDK and API for convenient secondary development

Liveness detection --- Binocular face camera for liveness detection

Flexible installation --- Flexible installation and usage in actual sites with WIFI