School Administration

South China Normal University Affiliated Primary School is the only provincial level school in Guangdong Province that is directly under the dual leadership of the Guangdong Provincial Education Department and South China Normal University. The school's work is carried out with the idea of "moral education as the first, education as the main, scientific research as the first, and education as the foundation", and strives to achieve the goal of "cultivating famous students, producing famous teachers and creating famous brands". Since the end of April 2020, the school has been deploying the Smart Campus, which is mainly a moral education class tag + Bluetooth temperature gun test application, used for moral education publicity, student class tag attendance and student body temperature detection collection. Since the deployment of the smart terminal, the school has greatly enriched the campus culture and class culture publicity display, reduced the school's management burden for student attendance and temperature measurement, and improved management efficiency.


Actual Cases: Nansha Primary School affiliated to South China Normal University

Aiming for the students authentication in the class attendance and school attendance management, with temperature detection, the school teachers management efficiency can be greatly improved, meanwhile the safety and security can be highly guaranteed too. Fever can be detected at the first time, and effective measures can be taken at once. The physical and mental health of children can be guaranteed, and schools can be managed orderly.


BP/BD Series Products

Product Advantages

Identification methods --- Face, fingerprint, Mifare/Prox, QR code and other flexible combination

Colorful display -- 10.1inchce / 21.5 inches TFT LCD display with great interactive expensive, not affected by ambient light

Liveness detection --- Binocular face camera for liveness detection, effectively prevent the use of photos or videos to replace recognition

Convenient secondary development --- SDK and API for interface and convenient secondary development

Great expansion --- Support door button, door magnetic, access control, and classroom linkage