• N8-HIK


    ◉Infrared imaging sensor

    ◉Large Angle anthermic prime lens

    ◉Live Detection

    ◉Multi-touch Support

    ◉Proximity To Wake Up

    ◉8-inch HIGH-DEFINITION LCD display with full viewing Angle

  • N8-BB


    • Super kernel: Adopt Hisilicon dual-core processor the system is high-speed and stable.
    •  Global top algorithm:  Adopt Megvii Face Algorithm with WDR Identification Technology.
    •  Liveness detection: effectively prevent the use of photos or videos as a substitute for recognition.
    •  Microwave sensor: accurate detection 2.5 meters can wake up recognition complete identification preparation.
    •  8 Inches touch screen: check device information operation setting  password to open door.